Buteyko Method Questions

What is the Buteyko Method?

As you may have seen elsewhere on the site, it is a process of education, well, actually “re-education” – to relearn the proper way to breathe, and to integrate a healthy lifestyle to support proper breathing.

 Can the Buteyko Method cure my asthma (sleep apnea; COPD; chronic bronchitis, etc.)?

This method is not a cure, but, as previously stated, an educational process. Sufferers learn how to manage their conditions through breath training.  Asthma itself behaves like a disease, but it may be more properly described as an imbalance that develops as a result of improper breathing. By relearning the breathing we did naturally as infants, we can manage the symptoms for ourselves, eliminating the need for most, if not all, medications. Many who apply this Method become medication-free altogether, and then might call the process a cure.

 Can my symptoms return?

The short answer is, Yes. To elaborate: I once heard a student say to a fellow asthmatic, “once an asthmatic, always an asthmatic”. In this context, it means that, once one learns the Buteyko method, one has to keep applying the principles in order to stay symptom-free. If one were to lose weight through diet and exercise, those achievements can be reversed by no longer watching what one eats, and not exercising. Staying symptom-free means continuing to apply what one learns. Obviously, once you learn a healthy lifestyle, you have to keep the basics in order to stay healthy.

 Can the Buteyko Method be used for other health problems?

Yes. The Buteyko Method has been used as an effective intervention for at least 150 defined ailments. A comprehensive list may be found at www.buteykocenterusa.com . We are also happy to discuss any ailment-specific questions you may have. All initial consultations are free.

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